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In 1970's Kuang Huei (KH) re-invented itself again, by expanding its reach to electronic industry big brand names, like RCA, Philip, National, Sharp Taiwan, supporting them with high precision metal and aluminum components.

Following the burgeoning of textile and umbrella industry in Taiwan, Kuang Huei (KH) upgraded itself and began the production eyelet, grommets, rivets and finally snap buttons, and developed a unique, consistent production niche in the S spring type of snap buttons. And soon became the market leader and benchmark ever since then.


Annual Production of 600 million pieces. Custom design products. Press form 8-1000 tons. Produce round shells size from Ø5-100 X 500mm. Produce oval shells size from 160D1 X 60D2 X 300mm. Produce shells in long length. Wide Selection of Standard Shapes. All types of secondary operations.

Aluminum Impact Extrusion is the lowest cost manufacturing methodology to make seamless or un-welded small to mid size aluminum container in mass quantity run. Aluminum with its soft forming property, can be extruded into long seamless containers type of components repetitiously and consistently.

Military tracer explosive bullets perhaps is the most widely applied production today, but more civilian use of such technology is also found in spray cans, electronic capacitors, CCTV cover housing and just about any component that requires no seam and carry large pressure inside.

Today, Unitex and Kuang Huei (KH) combined, is the largest metal, plastic, sporting goods trim and accessories manufacturer and suppliers in China, with specialization on functional ski wears, golf bag subsystem and precision molding and tool making.

Aluminium impact extrusion for many applications from defence, automotive, packaging, markers and technical components. Partners in Production and Design, High Quality OEM/ODM Service Welcome.